Nic Crosby

Director - GatherBuildWork

A bit about Nic……



What’s important to me?


My sons, (now grown up and away at university), my family, my friends here in Devon and all over the country (I’ve been lucky through work to meet and get to know many amazing people)

Running, gardening, painting, carving stones, cooking, the sea, Dartmoor


And feeling that my work and my life is making a difference; a feeling that started for me when I was 13,led me to get involved in caving and climbing in the Yorkshire Dales supporting young people, on to Bournemouth and then the Isle of Mull working with children and young people from Glasgow before going to college.  Working at In Controller the last ten years,leading work with children,young people, families and the services that support them was like a dream come true.....and now its time for the next step!



What’s important for you to know?


Well I’m sure my friends could write you a list …for now; I work really hard, I don’t hold back if I’ve got something to say (sometimes that doesn’t work out) and I’m always enthusiastic about working with others

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