Gather strength, Build vision, Work together

GatherBuildWork is a small company founded in March 2017.

GatherBuildWork will work to....

  • To champion inclusion, to challenge and support services, businesses and organisations to see inclusion as the bedrock of their existence

  • To change the way those of us who need support (most if not all of us at some point) get the support we need to live the life that makes sense to us and those who love and care for us (self-direction)


  • To never tolerate an ‘us’ and ‘them’ approach; we are all people with lived experience, we are all working for our loved ones, for ourselves and for all in our community


  • To never impose change upon others, but to support and better the way we, both services and people, all work together


  • To never tolerate abuse in any form

GatherBuildWork will….

  • Work with all comers on the understanding that they should expect challenge in line with our values of inclusion, self-direction, independent living for all and being person centred

  • Make a donation of a percentage of any annual surplus to the local ‘Bank Youth Project’ in Ashburton (

  • Will be open to work with people and organisations across the world

  • Work hard to take a 'speakeasy' approach, using language that is inclusive, is easy to understand and avoid jargon

  • Will always seek ways to involve local people with day to day experience of needing support to be involved in work and play their part in the partnership taking work forward

  • Will agree outcomes/outputs at the beginning of each piece of work and review and report on those outcomes/outputs at the end of the piece of work.