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'Towards an Inclusive Europe'

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An Independent Evaluation of Inclusion Europe's Four year work programme 2018-2022



We are the team doing this evaluation.  Our names are Andreja, Katarina and Nic.  This page tells you a bit about the project.  We hope that you will want to get involved.

Thank you

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Milan Sverepa, the Director of Inclusion Europe has asked us to find out what people think about the work of Inclusion Europe over the past four years.

He has asked to write a report for the Inclusion Europe Board.

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We will be reading many reports about the work Inclusion Europe have been doing over the past four years.

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We will be asking questions about the work of Inclusion Europe to organisations and people all over Europe

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We will be meeting with a number of people and asking them questions about then work Inclusion Europe has done and what they think about it.

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We will write a report for Inclusion Europe.  The report will explain what we have learnt from reading reports, asking questions and listening to what people have to say.

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If you would like to complete the survey then please click on this link.

It is in English so you might want to ask someone to help.

If you have any questions then email Nic here