Our Personalised Care offer:


GatherBuildWork is the lead partner in an exciting partnership of people drawn from Collective Action and Support along with SQW.  We have been selected as a ‘preferred provider’ by the NHS England Personalised Care Directorate, with a specific focus on children and young people’s services. 






The team includes Tara Flood and Michelle Daley (ALLFIE), Sam Sly, Tim Keilty, Richard Holland, Claire Lazarus, Zara Todd, Andrew Tyson, Miro Griffiths, Clenton Farquharson, Nic Crosby and Graham Thom with others at SQW.

Our offer of support covers support to children and young people with more complicated lives and support needs including children and young people with learning disabilities, autism or traumatic experiences in their early lives which have led to them being in the care of the local authority and/or are experiencing complicated mental health challenges.  Within the team we cover all five changes outlined by the Integrated Personal Commissioning team alongside wider experience from working with schools, local authorities and others to further integrate include and improve the support to children and young people they offer.  With team members including Tim Keilty and Andrew Tyson along with our strong links with the Local Area Co-ordination Network we also offer the potential for areas to start exploring a wider all age approach to working alongside communities, connecting families and children and young people in to the local wealth of activity, support and opportunity.


The Alliance For Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) are also supporting the team with finance support; for every day of work the team do an investment is made in ALLFIE, we are following through on the values of Collective Action and Support by investing in inclusion.

We look forward to working with NHS England and others including local services and doing our bit to further the potential of personalised care and integrated personal commissioning for children and young people.