For a better idea of the breadth of work GatherBuildWork can do have a look at the News page which outlines the first year of work:

Some of the pieces of work offered and completed:

-  evaluations of organisations and the work they do with a strong focus on the voice of people with lived experience

-  supporting young people to have a say and share their own life experiences

-  delivering work to re-engage people with the values at the heart of personalisation, challenge culture and share inspring examples of what is possible

-  provide experienced and skilled support services developing their approach to personal budgets across health, education and social care

-  facilitate and co-ordinate networks nationally and across Europe centred on the closure of institutions

-  plan with individuals and those closest to them to prevent children and young people being institutionalised and accommodated away from their home area

Nic is a founding member of 'Collective Action and Support' a growing network of people bringing their experience of life and work to tackle the support provided to children and young people with complicated lives and support needs.  This exciting initiative began in May 2018, to find out more please visit:

If you would like find out more about how GatherBuildWork can support you then please get in touch with Nic - click here to email or phone him on 07854 331 487

Through Collective Action and Support can add to the support you may be wanting with expertise from across the world children and young people's services and support including including strong and skilled support from disabled people and others with lived experience.