October 2022

The support I offer and the work I doing is very much driven by my passion for supporting people to have better days and good lives, living in their own home, being loved by their family, feeling part of their community, learning new things and having choice and control.  I work alongside organisations and people with the same passions and hopes.

I am really happy to talk more about how I may be able to support you and those you work alongside to have better days and good lives.....

Some examples

- Personal Life Planning; supporting people to explore their world, how they interact with the world around them, what they think about good support and helping them and those closest to them to plan for better days.  This work is usually a combination of face-to-face and online work, users graphics and for people of all ages and their families/loved ones.

- Working to reduce reliance on institutions and residential education for children and young people, including autistic  people, those with learning disabilities and those experiencing mental health challenges.  Work at all levels from individual work with people and families through to working with local strategic groups to working alongside national representatives in the NHS and other organisations.

- The ongoing challenges of making self-directed support a reality for children and young people; work and support to all levels of organisations, workforce development, policy and practice guidance and consultancy

- Network, workshop and meeting facilitation - working with a number of organisations including local community networks, national disabled people's organisations and others both on-line and face to face

- Zoom moderation and training, including making meetings and online work accessible and as inclusive as possible

Most of Nic's current work has been tailored to fit with a request or ask from someone or some organisation, if anything you are reading is of interest please contact Nic - click here to email or phone him on 07854 331 487