The European Coalition for Community Living - a partnership with the European Network for Independent Living
New Event
Tuesday 22nd November 2022
2pm-4pm UK Time
Watch this space!
Hear from those who have led and are leading the closure of institutions for disabled people in different parts of Europe

In 2017 a conversation started with ENIL and others about revitalising the European Coalition for Community Living.  This became a year long programme of monthly online events all centred on practical learning, resources and experiences of de-institutionalisation and the closure of long stay institutions across Europe.

Every event was recorded including interviews with people, these are available here:

European Coalition for Community Living (hosted by ENIL)

These webinars offer a rich resource covering all aspects of DI work, with a strong focus on practical work and the learning this work generates.  From planning with people with complicated support needs (Sam Sly - England) to developing support services in rural Romania (Ceresela Pedrescu - ProAct), from supporting older people to live in the community (Age Europe) to developing community based housing for people with mental health / psychosocial disabilities (Udruga Susret, Croatia)

In 2021 two events were held focused on sharing on-going work to close institutions in Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  These gave participants the chance to hear about the ongoing challenges of this work first hand from people leading the work.  The second event linked us up with the 'We Are One' festival in Scotland.

A new programme for 2022:  We are launching a new programme of online events for 2022 with examples of work from around the world.  Each event will also include an update on work from one of the contributors last year.  We are in the process of confirming speakers.  All events will be on ZOOM and we will be sharing the link for attendance for each event a month prior to the date.

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